We are very conscious that starting any new activity or routine can cause some children to get upset. 

Parents are usually used to seeing their child adjust to new things, and understand that there may be tears and tantrums as the new routine or activity gets settled in. 

There are a few parents who worry about upset around water and feel that they will cause trauma around water by leaving their child in the pool. 

Our experience tells us otherwise. When you allow your child to stay in the water, taking part in the class as much as they can, and give them positive reinforcement by staying sitting down, giving thumbs up and waves, you are encouraging your child to become confident that everything is ok. You are enabling your child to become resilient, to see that sometimes things are difficult to begin with, but that will disappear as they get practice. 

We really understand that this is difficult. We are there to support both you and your child as this process takes place. We are really confident that within a relatively short time, your child will be having as much fun as the other children, who have gone through this initial upset. 

Please keep bringing your child through the first few weeks, we promise it will be worth it! 

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