Holidays are definitely more fun

If this is a familiar sight for your child, consider enrolling in a regular, progressive, structured swimming lesson programme, such as ours. 

Families send us films from their holidays to share how much fun they’re having. 

We are often asked for advice about holidays and what to do about flotation aids. 
We’ve put together our top tips here:

  1. Keep your eyes on your children around the pool. Even if they are swimming comfortably, accidents DO still happen, and there is no replacement for close supervision.
  2. If your child is a level 1 or early level 2 swimmer and the pool is deep, armbands will give a great rest. They will not interfere with your child being able to swim with their face in the water. 
  3. Please don’t use confidence jackets at all. These encourage a vertical position in the water and a cycle kick that takes a long time to unravel again! 
  4. Encourage floating and jumping in.
  5. Don’t expect your child to swim as well without their regular set up. Some children need a bit of time to get used to the new surroundings. 
  6. Allow your child to swim and stand up in water that they are able to stand in. 
  7. Have lots of fun, using sinky toys for them to reach down to get at the bottom of the pool. 
  8. We used to drop coins down for the kids to get when they were small, then they could buy their ice cream! 
  9. Lifeguards are often off at lunch time. They are also not as responsive as ours – who are trained to get kids within seconds
  10. Send us your videos and pictures! We love to see how relaxed they are. 

Attending regular structured swimming lesson programme, means that holidays are more fun as confidence and ability are already established.

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