Our Staff

We have a large team of dedicated staff working at the centre.

Receptionists are experts at managing bookings and payments. They answer enquiries and know exactly who to refer you to when asking something specific. They can get the coordinator for you, if you want to speak to someone during the classes. They also help keep the changing and toilet areas clean and tidy.

They wear light silver tops with the Making Waves Logo.

Cafe staff look after your needs in the cafe. Ensuring that the tables are kept clean and that your drinks and snacks are served quickly. They are on hand to help get attention of the coordinator should you wish to speak to them during the classes.

They wear dark grey tops with the Making Waves Logo.

Lifeguards are responsible for ensuring that the pool is kept under constant supervision. They also keep the changing areas and toilets clean and tidy. We ask that you do not try to get the attention of the lifeguard while they are in position on poolside. They are taught to focus on the children and the pool and may look like they are ignoring you. A few seconds of distraction could mean they miss a child in danger, so please do not be upset if they do not respond to you. They are qualified first aiders too, as part of their Royal Lifesaving Society National Pool Lifeguard Qualification and receive monthly training in our centre.

They wear blue tops with the Making Waves Logo.

Teachers are responsible for delivering the lessons. Again, they are not in a position to deliver the lessons safely and effectively if parents are talking to them. Please contact a coordinator if you want to discuss anything, this will be passed on at a relevant time to the teacher.

They wear a White T-shirt with the making waves Logo.

Coordinators are responsible for the safe and effective delivery of the swimming lessons, as well as coordinating between parents and teachers.

They oversee the safe supervision of the pool and ensure that children are supported where necessary. They are the main point of contact for you, and you can arrange to speak to them during classes. Please be aware that there are usually 2 or 3 coordinators at the venue during the sessions.

If you wish to talk about your child’s progress or if you are looking for advice, please do this towards the beginning of the class, rather than on your way out of the pool.

Coordinators wear a White Polo Shirt with the Making Waves Logo.
Nicola wears a Navy Blue dress.

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Making Waves has changed me from a boy when I first started into a hardworking and skilled man. As a teacher and a lifeguard I’ve learnt life skills for not only inside the workplace but in day to day life too. It’s like a big family in Making Waves, we’re all in it together.
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Working at Making Waves has massively improved my confidence and communication skills when working with children and has allowed me to gain valuable experience for a future full time career in this field.
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Since working with Making Waves, I’ve gained more than just a job, but a place where I learn something new everyday, a job that has helped me build my confidence and I get to go home after every shift with a sense of accomplishment I wouldn’t experience anywhere else.
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Working at Making Waves has inspired me, and helped me through all circumstances of life. I love working at Making Waves, as it is a friendly and open work environment and enjoyable through each shift.